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Crystal Brunette is now a member of Summit Salon Community
4 hours ago
Profile IconMichael Cole - Step Up via Facebook

The ability to say NO and mean it is called emotional freedom. And let me tell you my friend, to possess such ability are well worth whatever pain you need to go through to develop it. Saying no and not changing your mind is the on ramp to freedom from the people in your life seeking to get things from you by governing your emotions. As you progress in developing this life-changing quality those who badger you into fulfilling their needs will learn to healthier ways to get their needs met.…

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Facebook6 hours ago · Reply
Profile IconMichael Cole - Step Up via Facebook

Worse freaking thing you can do when you’re feeling troubled with a problem on you’re mind is to keep it in your head and try to figure it out all by yourself. There's a slogan in recovery that reads: a troubled mind is a dangerous neighborhood to hang out in all by yourself. And the follow up reads: three of the most dangerous words you can say when you’re all by yourself with a troubled mind is ‘I’ve been thinking’. Get clarity by having a…

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Facebook9 hours ago · Reply
Profile IconMichael Cole - Step Up via Facebook

‘The Sacred Pause’: No matter how busy your life gets-don’t get so lost in it that you forget ‘The Sacred Pause’. Before dashing out to start your day be sure to pause and give thanks for another opportunity to play full out. Before reacting to anger depression or worry make damn sure you pause and ask for the grace to make a better expression. Before deciding what direction to take, don’t forget to pause and ask for the wisdom to choose intelligently. And…

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Facebook18 hours ago · Reply
Profile IconMichael Cole - Step Up via Facebook

The willingness to extend forgiveness is one of the most profound of all human virtues because of the freedom it grants to those who extend it and the problems it creates for those who don’t. The only true way FOR any of us to fully recover from harms done to us is by GIVING up ill will towards those who have caused us harm. Every mentor I’ve ever had insisted that I practice extending forgiveness diligently, not so much for the sake of my trespasser, but for the sake of my own…

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Facebookyesterday · Reply
Profile IconMichael Cole - Step Up via Facebook

When the pain from how you’re treated by people who bully you, becomes greater than the fear of stopping it, only then are you ready to teach such people how you expect to be treated. And the best way of doing so is setting boundaries. A boundary is a line in the sand over which you no longer allow another to cross. Boundaries tell people what you’ll accept and what you won’t. And here’s the biggie: As you enforce them people learn to treat you the way you deserve…

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Facebookyesterday · Reply
Profile IconDaniel Borris and Andy Gallagher joined Summit Salon Community
Profile IconMichael Cole - Step Up via Facebook

Gratitude's tough when you’re in the middle of a crappy circumstance. Even the hint of it sounds insane. However holding gratitude in the midst of crap doesn't mean you’re in denial or that you don’t care if you get through it. Real Gratitude is accepting the circumstance exactly as it is accompanied by the determination to turn it into something greater than what you have. ‘But Michael my circumstance is really freaking bad-I have nothing left to be…

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Facebookyesterday · Reply
Profile IconMichael Cole - Step Up via Facebook

Show me a person who’s OVER-developed in caring for others and UNDER-developed in their own self-care and I’ll show you an individual who frequently feels over worked, underappreciated and stressed out. It’s too damn easy to get so pre-occupied with taking care of the people in your life that you neglect taking care of your own mental- emotional and physical needs. Listen close: you owe it to everyone you take care of (especially the needy ones) to give YOURSELF the…

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FacebookSunday · Reply
Profile IconMichael Cole - Step Up via Facebook

Learning how to detach from people we care about doesn’t mean we should care less about them. No my friend not at all. Detachment says to the person you love: ‘I care enough about you to let you learn and grow from the outcomes of your actions even when it means you'll need to endure some suffering to do so.’ Here’s what else you need to know about learning to detach: Be mindful to not allow it to become a manipulation strategy to control and change people into…

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FacebookSunday · Reply
Profile IconMichael Cole - Step Up via Facebook

You don’t always get what you want, but until you wise up, you’re always going to get what someone else in your life has you believing you deserve. I’d suggest you re-read this one especially if you have been believing in someone else’s crappy opinion of you. Show me a person who settles for less and I’ll show you an individual who’s spell bounded by someone that has them believing they’re undeserving of more. I love watching people who have been…

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FacebookSaturday · Reply
Profile IconMichael Cole - Step Up via Facebook

The Holy Jumping Off Place is a term I frequently use for describing that definable moment in your life when you make a gut wrenching decision, which ends up be life changing and sometimes life saving. And more times than not The Holy Jumping Off Place is when you decide to get yourself out of whatever crap someone you care about is stuck in and to no longer feel guilty about jumping off. It’s a definable moment indeed when you stop trying and realize you’re not betraying them…

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Helpdesk shared a video from Crystal Focus & Sam Villa on Why Taking New Guests On a Salon Tour Is Great For Business



Blended Salons

Started by Vashti Hieb in General Salon Business Discussions Oct 15. 0 Replies

We are a full commision salon & spa but we are looking to bring in booth rental stylists because in our town booth rental is the most popular way to go.  We want to be able to allow more experienced stylists to work with us, but we want to hold…Read more →

Planning: 'tis the season...

Started by Eric Schindler in Business Building Tools Oct 14. 0 Replies

One of the things every business, big or small, has in common right now.  Planning!  Planning for the upcoming consumer buying bonanza known as the holiday season.  Salon companies should be finalizing their service, retail and gift card promotions…Read more →

Designing A Retail Culture

Started by Gavin Salsbery in Business Building Tools. Last reply by Gavin Salsbery Oct 3. 1 Reply

Greetings out there in Summit Salon Communityville!  I'll be administering the site this week and wanted to try and get a discussion, questions, solutions, etc. on increasing retail sales inside your salon company.  Feel free to post a question,…Read more →

Introducing Summit Program to older stylists

Started by Dianne Caffrey in Education & Training. Last reply by Dianne Caffrey Sep 12. 2 Replies

What is the best way to introduce the level system to older stylists. Our level 1 stylists are charging more for their service than stylists who have 30+ yrs. experience. The owner of the salon is having a hard time explaining to them why they have…Read more →

welcome package

Started by James/Kerri Trammel in Marketing Your Salon. Last reply by Michael Nikolas Sep 11. 3 Replies

does anyone have a welcome package for new guests they would like to share? I took a horrible picture at summit and cant read the words. oops. Read more →

Question about leveling

Started by Samantha in General Salon Business Discussions. Last reply by Samantha Sep 8. 2 Replies

Hello i am currently a stylist who works in a salon that uses the level system and from my understanding to level up you have to hit the numbers of the level above you on a average of 3 months to level to the next level. Ex if you are a level one…Read more →

associate program

Started by Lorraine Aprile in Education & Training. Last reply by Michael Nikolas Sep 7. 2 Replies

Hi I have two new associates , I want to attend the associate seminar  in November ,  would anyone advise I take my associates to the seminar so they understand the program better , and my stylists who are not yet ready for an associate ? I am…Read more →

Service menus

Started by Dianne Caffrey in Education & Training. Last reply by Dianne Caffrey Sep 1. 2 Replies

How is everyone creating their level system service menus. Are you including just a range or the specific prices of each level stylist?

Creative Promotions

Started by Leah Lucas in General Salon Business Discussions Aug 5. 0 Replies

Promotions should run every 2 months and be displayed separately from the regular retail shelving.  It should stand out- use different types of signage and show the great savings the guests will receive. Advertise with signs at the stations,…Read more →

Reserving Your Success

Started by Sharon Dolan Meier in Education & Training Jul 30. 0 Replies

Did you know that 20% of the guest you re book will cancel?Yes! In order to get 50% of your guest to reserve their next appointment the following month, you must rebook 70% of your guest this month.Did you know that by reserving appointments 6 weeks…Read more →

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